Seductive Frasers at RO9G

Jacqueline Fraser, ‘THE MAKING OF LA DOLCE VITA 2011′, LED Light box, 175 × 124.5 × 9.5cm, 2011

Leg of Lamb has been doing the rounds in Sydney and was impressed by several lightboxes from Jacqueline Fraser’s 2011 exhibition, The Making of La Dolce Vita 2011, currently on display at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery. The works mark a shift for the artist. Rather than placing physical objects within frames as she has done previously (think opulent fabrics, sequins, wigs), Fraser has created seductive collages, rephotographed and presented as slick black lightboxes that cleverly merge the glamorous with the grotesque.

Jacqueline Fraser, ‘THE MAKING OF LA DOLCE VITA 2011′, LED Light Box, 35 × 35 × 9.5cm, 2011

Fraser lifts her genetically gifted subjects from the pages of high fashion magazines and re-presents them as inhabitants of a modern day ‘La Dolce Vita’. But despite their glamorous visages, all is not well. The worlds these characters inhabit are ripped and torn.  Fragments of upended architecture and classical fountains hover like aliens above their pretty heads. Gone are the bitter titles that accompanied previous series (nasty barbs like “That faded Nan Goldin simulation doesn’t know shit from clay”) but these works still sting.  Fraser’s subjects are objectified, alienated, anonymous.  Sometimes being beautiful’s a bitch.

Seductive Frasers at RO9G

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