‘Piss Christ’ attacked

Andres Serrano's damaged photograph 'Piss Christ' (1987), still on display in Avignon

Andres Serrano’s infamous photograph Piss Christ (featuring a crucifix submerged in the artist’s urine) was attacked while on exhibition at gallerist Yvon Lambert‘s 18th-century mansion in Avignon on Sunday.  The subject of mounting protests in recent weeks, the work was slashed with a screwdriver by two young assailants who also threatened a gallery security guard with a hammer.  (This isn’t the first time the controversial work has come under fire – in 1997 two youths destroyed a previous edition at the NGV in Melbourne).  The as-yet un-apprehended vandals involved in Sunday’s skirmish also damaged another Serrano work featuring a meditating nun.  Gallery Director Eric Mézil stated that the gallery will re-open today with the destroyed works on show “so people can see what barbarians can do”.

‘Piss Christ’ attacked

One thought on “‘Piss Christ’ attacked

  1. A bleiver says:

    If he is brave enough, let him face God when his time come.

    There was no one Juda through the history of men; there were many, but they all went, vanished with the earth; only Jesus remains forever.

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