New Guy Bourdin film released

A new film about fashion photographer Guy Bourdin (who died in 1991) has been released.  Made by one of the photographer’s old assistants, Sean Brandt, the documentary features interviews with Mick Jagger, Bryan Ferry and David Bowie as well as film footage of Bourdin and his shoots supplied by his son Samuel.

In the film, Brandt tries to dispel allegations of cruelty pitched against Bourdin, who was accused of being unpleasant to the models he worked with.  Certainly the photographer’s vision was uncompromising.  He would only work with people under certain star signs, tried to dye the sea blue for a photo shoot and once turned up to the French Vogue offices on a camel.  Interestingly, Bourdin never published a monograph of his work during his lifetime, so the film’s a good opportunity to view his incredibly powerful, sexy (and in some cases, never-seen-before) images.

New Guy Bourdin film released

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