Pimp Squeaks – Kushana Bush

Kushana Bush, 'Shirt Tail Stomp', 2010

Pimp Squeaks is Dunedin-based painter Kushana Bush’s first solo exhibition at Ivan Anthony.  The reproductions you see here don’t do her work justice – these exquisitely detailed works on paper need to be viewed in the flesh.  From a distance, carefully choreographed figures rendered in muted washes of taupe and grey suggest abstract configurations.  But up close, it’s a frenzy of  bloodshot eyes and gnashing teeth.

Kushana Bush, ' Turnbuckle Squat', 2010

Bush’s paintings are painstakingly detailed.  Their meticulous patterning recalls Japanese woodblock prints and Indo-Persian miniatures, with a twist.  Bush’s subject matter is perverse.  She paints mysterious group activities in which clearly agitated figures supplied with curious props like tiny wrist watches, bic pens and y-fronts enact poses reminiscent of yoga, often with their genitals cheekily exposed. Tiny painted blowflies appear now and again to disguise any stray drops of paint.  Bush elegantly combines the decorative with the abject, luring viewers into inexplicable scenarios that warrant close attention.

Kushana Bush, Pimp Squeaks, Ivan Anthony, Level 1, Corner East Street & Karangahape Road, Auckland, until Saturday November 20.  Read Leg of Lamb’s full review on EyeContact.

Pimp Squeaks – Kushana Bush

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