Leg of Lamb loves Karl Fritsch

New rings by Karl Fritsch

While in Auckland, Leg of Lamb got to test-drive some of Karl Fritsch’s rings in the annual group show at Fingers.  They’re bulbous, bleached out, pierced with screws. Curiously, the jeweller sees a kinship between his work and the growth of the Northern Rata, a New Zealand native that begins its life as an epiphyte.

Just as the sapling relies on its host, Fritsch employs conventional jewellery as a starting point, upon which he attaches blobs of precious metals and gemstones set into cast lumps.  The trace of the ready-made is evident in the old fashioned clutches of some rings, whilst others are Fritsch’s own creations entirely. Fingerprints are evident on each piece, making them overtly ‘hand-made’ and wonderfully tactile.  They’re a pleasure to wear.

Fingers Annual Group Show, Fingers, 2 Kitchener Street, Auckland, until November 19.

Leg of Lamb loves Karl Fritsch

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