Looking Forward – Peter Roche, Slipstreaming

Peter Roche in action...

Peter Roche’s work isn’t seen as often as it should be.  Since his inclusion in the first Asia Pacific Triennial in 1993, he has rarely appeared in curated exhibitions, despite an established background in New Zealand as a performance artist and sculptor.

Roche continues to make work regardless.  His studio in Point Chevalier contains, among other things, an entire series of acid-etched light boxes with the artist cast problematically as nude/voyeur, an installation of rotating cloud shapes, and, of course, his satellite dishes, awash with imagery that runs from the decorative to the debauched.

Generously, the artist is opening his studio to the public for one night only next Thursday the 26th of August.   Amidst a hang of key works and installations, Roche will also be performing.  Notorious for his sado-masochistic rituals in the ’70s, this new performance will involve fluorescent tubing and a chainsaw.  Not to be missed.

Peter Roche, Slipstreaming,  Thursday 26 August, Ambassador Theatre, 1218-1220 Great North Road, Point Chevalier, Auckland, 6pm til late.

Looking Forward – Peter Roche, Slipstreaming

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