Event Horizon at CCP

Pierre Huyghe, still from 'One Million Kingdoms', 2001

If you’re in Melbourne, you’ve still got time to see Event Horizon, a slick little show at the CCP curated by Mark Feary.  Taking the 1969 moon landing as a starting point, Feary combines contextual documents from NASA with contemporary works by artists including Marco Fusinato, Damiano Bertoli and Pierre Huyghe.

Huyghe’s video work ‘One Million Kingdoms’ (2001) which features an animated character named Annlee wandering through an alien landscape seems cutesy at first, until you realise that the pits and troughs she traverses are determined by the intonations of the soundtrack – a narrative featuring commentary by Neil Armstrong mid-moon landing interspersed with passages from Jules Verne’s Journey to the Centre of the Earth.

Marco Fusinato, 'SUN SERIES Photograph #08 - 30.05.02', 2002

On the opposite wall, Damiano Bertoli’s installation ‘Continuous Moment: Classical Gas’ (2001-2010) traverses different terrain.  Enlivened by UV lights, the glowing tape of his gridded horizon demarcates the final frontier in cool, sci-fi style.   In contrast, the selection of photographs from Marco Fusinato’s ‘Sun Series’ (2002) are light and atmospheric.  They radiate warmth and throw caution to the wind – the artist stares directly into the sun.

Nick Mangan, 'Friday 13th 2009 (image of the sun five days after black Saturday)', 2009

Nick Mangan examines the sun too, but his work ‘Friday 13th 2009 (image of the sun five days after black Saturday)’ (above) is sobering.  The smoke generated from the grave events of Black Saturday allowed Mangan to photograph the sun in this manner, and, hanging like a solemn monument, its hazy presence evokes the sheer devastation of the fires.

Feary investigates ideas about space by including a diverse, yet complementary selection of works that range from the documentary to the fantastical.  Using the horizon as a starting point to locate the earth as a miniscule facet of the infinite, largely unknown universe, he questions ‘…what the limits actually are and questions how we might advance beyond them’.

Event Horizon, Centre for Contemporary Photography, 404 George Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, until July 18.

Event Horizon at CCP

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