Billy Zane, Painter

Billy Zane, 'Suddenly', oil on canvas, 2010

Sir Anthony Hopkins and Marilyn Manson both enjoy a bit of a dabble, and now actor Billy Zane has turned his hand to painting too.  Zane began making art on the set of Titanic and says, ‘I love the surprise. The joy of making do with what you have to work with. The Hardware store, ship yard, roadside dump site is my art store and most countries, cities and villages are not short on supplies. If I can’t find canvas, I find old signage, shelf liner, or shipping crates. If I can’t find enough paint I use soil, clay, wine, spit, anything that adheres.’  If the exhibition doesn’t kill you with love maybe the artist’s self indulgent dribble will.

Billy Zane, Killing with Love, Frank Pictures Gallery, 2525 Michigan Avenue, California, until September 1.

Billy Zane, Painter

One thought on “Billy Zane, Painter

  1. Not sure Zane’s work is quite there… he’ll probably sell it on the Zane-y angle! Just wanted to say I love the name of your blog… very kiwi!

    If you are after kiwiana gifts then you can’t go past our store.

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