Dennis Morris & Marianne Faithfull – the unseen images

Dennis Morris : Marianne Faithfull, installation shot, Snap Galleries, London

The album cover of Marianne Faithfull’s Broken English is iconic – addiction never looked so good.  Earlier this month Dennis Morris, the photographer responsible for the image, released unseen photographs from the Broken English shoot for exhibition at Snap Galleries in London.  Unfortunately the photographs are lukewarm.  They are certainly interesting historically, but there were reasons why these didn’t make it to the cover after all…

Dennis Morris : Marianne Faithfull, Unseen images from the Broken English session, Snap Galleries,  8 Piccadilly Arcade, London until 31st July 2010

One response to “Dennis Morris & Marianne Faithfull – the unseen images

  1. Great to see a review of the Marianne shots- I disagree though- I thought almost all of them were really strong and powerful and would have looked great in magazines and such back in 79/80.

    I do think Dennis Morris didn’t need to tint the pictures and add the colours for this exhibition, as the shots are powerful enough IMO just in b/w

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