Thomas Ruff at Gow Langsford

Thomas Ruff, 'nudes on14', 2006

Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, is exhibiting a selection of work by renowned German photographer Thomas Ruff.  While it’s exciting to see his photographs in this neck of the woods, the show could have done with a bit of pruning.  The space is filled with bits and pieces from various series executed in the mid to late ’90s and the selection seems cluttered and incohesive.

The stand-outs are Ruff’s nudes, particularly ‘nudeson14’ (above).  Made without a camera, the images are gleaned from porn sites and enlarged and obscured digitally.  This painterly effect not only enhances the formal elements of the composition but literally blurs the line between art and pornography.

Thomas Ruff: Photographs, Gow Langsford Gallery, 26 Lorne Street, Auckland, until April 24

Thomas Ruff at Gow Langsford

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