Jeena Shin at Artspace

Detail of Jeena Shin's 'ARTSPACE Stairwell Project (1973-) 2009-2011' at Artspace, Auckland

Leg of Lamb spent the weekend in Auckland fitting in as much art action as possible.  One of the highlights was located in the stairwell of Artspace on K Road where Jeena Shin has been working on a mural that climbs up the two levels to the gallery.  

Executed in Shin’s signature style, simple geometric forms are built up layer upon layer in subtle tones, their delicate outlines thrown into relief by  shifts of light.  Commissioned by Artspace director Emma Bugden, Shin will continue to work on the ARTSPACE Stairwell Project (1973-) 2009-2011 for the duration of Bugden’s tenure. 

Jeena Shin is represented by Two Rooms, Auckland.

Jeena Shin at Artspace

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