NEW010 at ACCA

Installation shot of Alicia Frankovich's 'Medea', opening night at ACCA.

Leg of Lamb reckons this year’s NEW is patchy at best.  ACCA collaborated with exhibition designers Nexus Designs, who divided the gallery into seven different sites.  Each artist was assigned a separate space and asked to ‘respond’ to it.  No doubt an interesting brief for Nexus employees, the concept is gimmicky and unnecessary.

The highlight of the exhibition is Kiwi Alicia Frankovich‘s installation, Medea, that consists of a bounty of garden plants, abundantly fruity and…suspended upside-down from the ceiling with climbers’ harnesses.  Formerly a gymnast, performance is a significant part of Frankovich’s practice.  Here, she takes a step back.  Frankovich sees the suspended plants as extensions of the human body.   The vegetation grows, fruits and drops, and these inevitable transformations are crucial to the installation.  Medea‘s metamorphoses warrant return visits.

NEW010 runs at ACCA, 111 Sturt Street, Melbourne, until May 23.

NEW010 at ACCA

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