Jess Lucas at Neon Parc

Jess Lucas, 'Joanna', 2010

Currently on display at Neon Parc,  Jess Lucas’s candy-coloured paintings feature female subjects that look a little bit wrong.  They have waxy faces, shifty eyes, forced smiles.  In a similar vein to her 2008 General Manager series, these works play with the surface of things.  Picking at the facades of the sitters, the artist conjures up expressions that convey both what a subject might choose to convey and try to hide.  Sometimes a smile wears thin, something astutely observed in Lucas’s watery strokes of paint.

Jess Lucas (and Sean Bailey) at Neon Parc, 1/53 Bourke Street, Melbourne, closes on April 3, 2010.

Jess Lucas at Neon Parc

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