Leg of Lamb loves Harrell Fletcher

'Assignment #63 - make an encouraging banner', submission by Shira Bannerman, Poughkeepsie, New York

Part artist, part facilitator, American artist Harrell Fletcher’s projects often operate outside of the art world’s conventional parameters, focusing on people’s everyday lives and experiences.  As NGV curator Alex Baker states, ‘Fletcher’s art is really all about you, rather than all about him’.

In 2002 Fletcher developed Learning to Love You More, a website and series of non-web presentations with Miranda July.  The project consisted of submissions by the public completed in response to various tasks generated by the two artists.  Assignments included: ‘take a photo of your parents kissing’, ‘make an encouraging banner’, ‘write your life story in less than a day’ and ‘draw a constellation from someone’s freckles’.  Over 8,000 people were involved in the project which ended in 2008.

The artist is presenting a lecture entitled Towards a tender society of thoughtful questions and answers at the Clemenger BBDO auditorium, NGV International, Melbourne, on Saturday 20 March at 12:30PM.  Fletcher is developing a project for the NGV that will open in September.  He will also be working with Artspace, Auckland, later this year.

Leg of Lamb loves Harrell Fletcher

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