ACDC / Rennie Ellis

Rennie Ellis, 'ACDC, Atlanta, Georgia', 1978

Leg of Lamb saw ACDC at Etihad Stadium in Melbourne last night, epic!  When the AV display started flashing up photos of the late, great Bonn Scott, I couldn’t help but think of Australian photographer Rennie Ellis’s early documentation of the band, particularly his classic images of Scott and The Heathen Girls in Atlanta, Georgia.

Rennie Ellis, 'Bonn Scott and the Heathen Girls, Atlanta, Georgia', 1978

Ellis (who died unexpectedly in 2003) captured candid images of Australian counter-culture.  His photographs of ACDC not only convey the thrill of live performance, but also document revealing moments during the band’s down-time.  Witness Scott, oblivious to the bevy of beauties (well, by ’70s standards anyway) that surround him as he stares into his drink (above).  This is typical of Ellis, his enthusiasm for life was matched by an aknowledgement of the more unsavory aspects of popular culture.

ACDC / Rennie Ellis

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