Warwick Freeman’s ‘Dead Set II’

Warwick Freeman, 'Dead Set 2', 2006

Leg of Lamb has been road tripping around NZ of late, and has witnessed a lot of  road-kill along the way.  Little roadside mounds of fur and feathers reminded me of Warwick Freeman’s ‘Dead Set II’ (2006), an elegant homage to all of  the dead things that crossed the jeweller’s path over a three year period.  Freeman stated: “It’s made from the parts of any animal I could find while on the road, the beach, the sea, farmyard or in the back yard”.

‘Dead Set II’ consists of beaks, feet, claws set into oxidised silver caps that recall not only ancient amulets used to ward off evil spirits but equally the Westie penchant for shark tooth and pig tusk necklaces.  The installation is a solemn meditation upon death in all its forms.

‘Dead Set II’ is in the collection of The Museum of New Zealand – Te Papa Tongarewa.

Warwick Freeman’s ‘Dead Set II’

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