Tom Polo – ‘You are excellent’

Leg of Lamb is an avid reader of Mountain Fold, a free music journal published in Sydney.  Aside from interviews with all sorts of musically minded folk (like Roland S. Howard, Circle Pit and The Dead C), Mountain Fold also features ‘curated pages’ and some great art.  Leg of Lamb was delighted by the charming and slightly pathetic ghost painting by Sydney artist Tom Polo that features on the cover of the latest issue.

Polo describes himself as “a time-waster extraordinaire who is currently obsessed with winning and losing.”  Sometimes his paintings contain motivational slogans, that, when executed in his ‘naieve’ style, become cringeworthy.  Paintings like ‘You are Excellent’ and ‘Well Done’ acknowledge a knowing, arguably hopeless optimism in the face of the banality (and disappointments) of everyday life.

Tom Polo, 'You are excellent' 2008
Tom Polo, 'Well Done,' 2008
Tom Polo, 'It's Really Good', 2008
Tom Polo – ‘You are excellent’

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