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Merry Christmas from LOL

Modified Christmas cards by Yvonne Todd (for this year's Enjoy fundraiser)

Modified Christmas cards by Yvonne Todd (for this year’s Enjoy fundraiser)

Seasons Greetings from Leg of Lamb, wishing you all a wonderful break.

Looking Forward – Yvonne Todd

Opening at the Centre for Contemporary Photography, 404 George Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne, on Thursday February 9th at 6pm, all welcome!  (And yes, Ervon will be present).

Inside the studio

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The snaps above are action shots from Yvonne Todd’s photography studio taken by her assistant, Evotia.  They feature some of the characters from Yvonne’s brand new series Seahorsel that will debut alongside her 2009 series The Wall of Man at the CCP in Melbourne this February.

As some of you know, a very smart little catalogue produced by Yvonne and myself will accompany the show, and we still need your help to make it happen!  There are 11 days left to make an online contribution via Pozible, just click on this link.  And to those of you that have already donated – our sincere and grateful thanks.

Leg of Lamb needs your help!

Yvonne Todd, 'Sandy Cube' from the series 'Seahorsel', 2011

In February 2012 Leg of Lamb is presenting Wall of Seahorsel, an exhibition of new and recent work by Yvonne Todd at the Centre for Contemporary Photography.  It’s Yvonne’s first solo show in Melbourne and we’re creating a magnificent 46-page full colour catalogue to mark the occasion.  Designed by Area Design, it will feature an in-depth interview with the artist, along with full page images of each of the works in the show.  There are two series involved, both reproduced in full.  They are: The Wall of Man (2009) and Seahorsel (2011) that has never been seen before.

Of course, this sort of publication doesn’t come cheap. If you are able, please make a donation to the project by visiting our Pozible page here.  Any contributions most gratefully received! In return I can offer you some enticing rewards, including the chance to win an Yvonne Todd photograph of your very own.  This publication really is going to be a beauty, so please help us make it happen…


Yvonne Todd, 'Sales Executive', colour photograph, 80 x 63.6 cm, 2009

Leg of Lamb received some exciting news last week.  Stay tuned….

Hot Photo Friday – Yvonne Todd

Yvonne Todd, 'Caravan, Winter', type c print, 1992

Looking Forward – Yvonne Todd at Ivan Anthony