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Merry Christmas!

Martin Parr, from the 'Bored Couples' series, 2003

Martin Parr, from the ‘Bored Couples’ series, 2003

LOL wishes you all the very best for the festive season.  Merry Christmas.
(More regular posting to resume in January…)

Hot Photo Friday – Sylvain Emmanuel P.

Sylvain Emmanuel P., 'untitled', n.d.

Sylvain Emmanuel P., ‘Untitled’, n.d.


Above is an excellent short documentary on expat Australian photographer Polly Borland.  Directed by Alex Chomicz, Polymorpous features interviews with some of Borland’s closest friends, including Nick Cave, Cate Blanchett, her husband John Hillcoat and LOL’s absolute fave writer, Will Self.  The short also covers the development of a number of Borland’s key series, including Smudge, Bunny and her unsettling early documentary series The Babies about…adult babies.  Oddly enough, it was after she completed this series that she was invited to photograph The Queen…

In Melbourne, Borland shows with Murray White Room, who exhibited her 2012 series Pupa last year.  Images from this series have recently been reproduced in a Perimeter Editions publication, ‘You’, that you can buy online here.  In it is a short essay by another pal of Borland’s, Tony Clark, whose work incidentally crops up regularly in the background of Polymorphous.

Hugh Davies vs. Mona Hatoum

Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies, ‘Hair Piece no.1′, 2012

Mona Hatoum, 'Van Gogh's Back',

Mona Hatoum, ‘Van Gogh’s Back’, 1995

Hot Photo Friday – Whitney Hubbs

Whitney Hubbs

Whitney Hubbs, ‘Untitled (Bend)’, 2013

Some recent work by Linder

'Art as Experience', 2012, duratrans on lightbox

‘Art as Experience’, 2012

'Glorification of the Chosen One', 2011, C-type print on FujiFlex crystal archival paper

‘Glorification of the Chosen One’, 2011

'Daughters of the Promised Land ii', 2012

‘Daughters of the Promised Land ii’, 2012

All works from the exhibition, Linder, at Blum and Poe until October 26th.

Hot Photo Friday – Josef Breitenbach

Josef Breitenbach, 'Portrait, Paris, 1933-39

Josef Breitenbach, ‘Portrait, Paris’, 1933-39

Hoon Lee Wins Wallace

Jae Hoon Lee, 'Dry Valley',

Jae Hoon Lee, ‘Dry Valley’, duratrans mounted on LED light box, 2012

Korean-born Auckland-based artist Jae Hoon Lee has been announced as the paramount winner of the 22nd annual Wallace Art Awards.  He beat out 92 other finalists (selected from 475 entries) to receive a 6-month residency at the International Studio and Curatorial program in New York.  Hoon Lee was chosen by judges Warwick Brown, Rhana Devenport, Peter Panyoczki, Robin Woodward and Terry Stringer, who also presented runner up awards of cash and residencies (valued up to $190,000 across 7 awards) to artists including photographer Steve Rood, painter Sam Foley and trusser upperer of dead things, Julia DeVille.

Hot Photo Friday – Joe Maloney

Joe Maloney, 'Stocky, Asbury Park, New Jersey', 1980.

Joe Maloney, ‘Stocky, Asbury Park, New Jersey’, 1980.

Hot Photo Friday – Duane Michals

Duane Michaels

Duane Michaels, ‘For Balthus’, 1969

(The photograph above is from a series of nine images, view the rest here).