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Hot Photo Friday – Saul Steinberg

Saul Steinberg, 'Girl in Bathtub', 1949

Saul Steinberg, ‘Girl in Bathtub’, 1949

Serrano’s Piss Christ Upsets Again

Andres Serrano's 'Piss Christ' installed next to

Andres Serrano’s ‘Piss Christ’ hanging at the Fesch Museum, Corsica

Last week around 50 protesters stormed the Fesch Museum in Corsica brandishing a large sign emblazoned with the words ‘Piss Christ out’ – referring of course to Andres Serrano’s notorious work, Piss Christ; a photograph of a small plastic crucifix suspended in a container of the artist’s urine.  The photograph is currently included in a collection based exhibition, installed next to an 18th century painting of the Virgin Mary. While the protesters assert that the work is an affront to Catholicism, exhibition curator Eric Mézil thinks they’re being unreasonable, telling Le Figaro “We must see the works for what they are, not for intentions that the artists could be imagined to have had.” At least they haven’t resorted to a physical attack – in 2011 Piss Christ was slashed by vandals in Avignon and in 1997 another edition was beaten with a hammer at the NGV in Melbourne.

Hot Photo Friday – Bob Mizer

Bob Mizer, 'Everett Lee Jackson with Two Horses, Los Angeles', c. 1959

Bob Mizer, ‘Everett Lee Jackson with Two Horses, Los Angeles’, c. 1959

Hot Photo Friday – Andy Warhol

Portrait of Richard Hamilton by Andy Warhol, n.d.

Portrait of Richard Hamilton by Andy Warhol, n.d.

Michael Parekwohai vs. Willem de Rooij

Michael Parekowhai, 'Amiens', 2001

Michael Parekowhai, ‘Amiens’, 2001

Willem de Rooij, 'Bouquet IV', 2005

Willem de Rooij, ‘Bouquet IV’, 2005

The Mob at Gow Langsford

Portrait of Mongel Mob member by Jono Rotman

Portrait of Mongel Mob member by Jono Rotman

Auckland dealer Gary Langsford’s exhibiting a suite of photographs of patched NZ gang members.  Taken four years ago by Jono Rotman, the series includes a portrait of a Mongrel Mob member currently on trial for murder. Despite protestations from the victim’s family, Langsford is refusing to remove the image, stating: “I don’t think that’s our role. It would create a very bad precedent. It would be like the media censoring freedom of speech”.  The show runs until May 24th.

Smith on Franco

James Franco, 'New film still #58', 2013

James Franco, ‘New film still #58′, 2013

“The deep content here, beneath the entitled narcissism, is a confused desperation that seems to drive Mr. Franco’s pursuit of visual art. It’s hard not to feel some sympathy for him, while also wishing that someone or something would make him stop.”

Roberta Smith lays into James Franco’s New Film Stills in the New York Times.