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NYC Bound

LOL leaves for New York tomorrow (via the Mike Kelley show in LA no less, wee!). If I am disciplined, you can expect a few posts while I’m away.  If not, keep an eye on Instagram.  And here’s possibly my favourite video ever, Olaf Breuning’s Home 3: A Homage to New York, to set the tone…

What are these?

No one knows… but there are over 70,000 of these videos, each slightly different, on YouTube.

Their shapes and colours in a strange way remind me of this drawing by David Shrigley.

Untitled acrylic on paper by David Shrigley

Untitled acrylic on paper by David Shrigley

Hot Photo Friday – Andy Warhol

Portrait of Richard Hamilton by Andy Warhol, n.d.

Portrait of Richard Hamilton by Andy Warhol, n.d.

Michael Parekwohai vs. Willem de Rooij

Michael Parekowhai, 'Amiens', 2001

Michael Parekowhai, ‘Amiens’, 2001

Willem de Rooij, 'Bouquet IV', 2005

Willem de Rooij, ‘Bouquet IV’, 2005

Ceramics by Lucio Fontana

'La mia ceramica, Tempo', 1939

‘La mia ceramica, Tempo’, 1939

'Madonna Con Il Bambino',1954

‘Madonna Con Il Bambino’,1954

'Deposizione', 1953

‘Deposizione’, 1953

So long, H.R. Giger

Swiss artist and designer H.R. Giger has died aged 74 following injuries sustained from a fall.  He is survived by his wife Carmen Maria Scheifele Giger, who runs the Gruyeres museum her husband opened in 1998 to showcase the artist’s self-described ‘biomechanical’ work alongside works from his collection.  While he’s arguably best known for inspiring the beast at the heart of Ridley Scott’s Alien triology, Giger also worked on a number of other collaborative projects, including a controversial pullout for the Dead Kennedy’s Frankenchrist album. In 1981 he created the cover art for Debbie Harry’s solo record Koo Koo, featuring the singer’s face pierced by multiple spears, as well as creating the video for the album’s single Now I Know You Know (above).

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Hirst Offends in Long Island

Damien Hirst, '

Damien Hirst, ‘The Virgin Mother’, 2005

Long Island residents are up in arms over Damien Hirst’s hideous bronze sculpture The Virgin Mother – a ten metre high representation of a naked pregnant woman complete with glaring red cutaways of her innards. The work has been installed on the grounds of the historic A. Conger Goodyear House in Long Island by property mogul Aby Rosen, a managing member of the property.

Long Island mayor Fred J. Carillo has voiced residents’ concerns by stating: “It’s out of character with the neighborhood… The question is, does it belong in Old Westbury? Does it belong on a residential property?” Village officials claim that the work has been installed without the prerequisite permits and should occupy a part of the property not visible from the street. While the issue is resolved, the bronze monstrosity has been covered with black mesh so as not to cause further offence…