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Postings from now until June will be intermittent as Leg of Lamb prepares for the 2012 Next Wave Festival.  If you’re in Melbourne come along – lots of excellent stuff to see, some of it free.  See you on the flip side…

Curators of New Museum Triennial Announced

Ryan Trecartin and adjunct New Museum curator Lauren Cornell are curating the New Museum’s third Generational Triennial, which focuses exclusively on the work of emerging artists from around the world.  Cornell was part of the curatorial team for the first triennial, ‘Younger Than Jesus’, that included an installation by Trecartin, and the 2015 event will be the artist’s first project as curator.

Above: excerpt from Ryan Trecartin’s Re’Search Wait’S, which featured in the first Generational Triennial in 2009

Hot Photo Friday – Herman Nicholson

Herman Nicholson, 'Snow Day', 2008

Some recent work by Suji Park

Witching Hour, 2010

Sermon (figure 1), 2011

Visitation, 2010

De Kooning’s Women

Today is Willem de Kooning’s birthday (if the old boy was still around he’d be 105).  To mark the occasion here’s some footage of the artist talking about his controversial ‘women’ paintings, and more particularly his obsession with mouths.

Kusama in Wonderland

Self-proclaimed ‘Modern Alice in Wonderland’ Yayoi Kusama  has illustrated a new version of the Lewis Carroll classic for Penguin (above).  She follows in the footsteps of Salvador Dali, who in 1969 created a series of heliogravures to accompany the story.  You can buy Kusama’s version online here.

Hot Photo Friday – Frank Horvat

Frank Horvat, 'Self Portrait', 1956

The Cultural Awareness Search Engine

Images of lamb from around the world thanks to the Cultural Awareness Search Engine

Photographer Taryn Simon has teamed up with computer programmer Aaron Swartz to create The Cultural Awareness Search Engine. Developed during this year’s annual Seven on Seven conference in New York (that matches artists with technologists to develop something new like an app or a game over the course of a single day), the duo created a search engine that features an array of web-based images associated with any term you care to enter.  These images are generated by local search engines in different countries and appear simultaneously on one page, thus providing a visual snapshot of the way in which the same concept gets presented in different cultures.  Have a play with it here.

More Marianne

Marianne Faithfull, Curator

Marianne Faithfull photographed by Robert Mapplethorpe in 1976

Marianne Faithfull is curating an exhibition at Tate Liverpool that she hopes will be like “seeing…something like the inside of my head”.  Entitled Innocence and Experience, the group exhibition features works from the Tate’s archive selected by Faithfull with the assistance of her first husband, curator John Dunbar.  While some of the works included are directly self referential (like the Mapplethorpe above), the exhibition is largely shaped by Faithfull’s love for William Blake, whose anthology of poems ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’ gives the exhibition its name.  Several works by Blake are included in the show, as well as pieces by Man Ray, Francis Bacon and Piero Manzoni.

Innocence and Experience opens at Tate Liverpool on April 21.