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Nicholas Mangan, from the forthcoming exhibition 'Nauru, Notes from a Cretaceous World'

Leg of Lamb is off to Kiwiland, so don’t expect many (if any) posts this week.  If you’re in Auckland on Friday the 5th of November, make sure you head along to the opening of new commercial space Hopkinson Cundy featuring work by Melbourne artist Nick Mangan.

Nick Mangan, Nauru, Notes from a Cretaceous World, Hopkinson Cundy, 1/1 Cross Street, Auckland, until December 4.

Happy Halloween, spooks!

Photograph by 'paranormal investigator', William Hope, n.d.

Hot Photo Friday – Richard Kern

Richard Kern, 'Stella', from the series 'Hair'

Matthew Barney’s Cremaster 1, now on Playstation

Fluxlasers has made a Playstation game based on Matthew Barney’s 1995 film Cremaster 1. Created with PS3’s Little Big Planet, the game includes Cremaster staples such as fetishised shoes, Goodyear blimps and carefully synchronised grapes. Given that Barney was reluctant for these films to be exhibited anywhere other than cinemas, Leg of Lamb wonders what he’ll make of this bastardized Cremaster appearing on screens the world over.

Some work by John Stezaker

YouTube Play Biennial Winners Announced

The Guggenheim’s star-studded jury have announced the 25 finalists of the first ever YouTube Play Biennale of creative video.  Described by the museum as ‘the ultimate YouTube playlist’, the works were selected from over 23,000 submissions uploaded to the Guggenheim’s  YouTube channel.  You can view all 25 of the winning videos here.

Hot Photo Friday – Larry Clark

Larry Clark, 'Untitled', 1968

Looking Forward – Peter Peryer

Peter Peryer is delivering a floor talk at Hamish McKay Gallery, 39 Ghuznee Street, Wellington, this Saturday at 2pm.   The event coincides with Peryer’s current exhibition that runs until November 6.

Made in Heaven, again

Jeff Koons, 'Fingers between Legs', 1990, oil inks on canvas

New York gallery Luxenbourg & Dayan is exhibiting a selection of paintings from Jeff Koon’s controversial Made in Heaven series to coincide with the works’ twenty year anniversary.  First shown at the 1990 Venice Biennale, the series of inkjet printed canvases and assorted sculptures feature the artist and his soon-to-be-bride (and now ex-wife) the Italian porn star La Cicciolina in a variety of compromising positions.  Nine large scale paintings and a glass sculpture from the series are squeezed into Luxenbourg & Dayan’s small space until January next year.

Made in Heaven Paintings, Luxenbourg & Dayan, 64 East 77th Street, Manhattan, until January 21, 2011.

Flaming Lips frontman prints poster with his own blood

Wayne Coyne gives Kiss a run for their money…